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Can You Relate To Any of These Situations?

voice problem


"I struggled with a hoarse voice, often cracking during high notes."

"My voice sounded strained and raspy, after my speaking engagements."

"How do I speak louder without yelling?"

"Sometimes when I eat or drink, it feels like the food or liquid gets stuck in my throat, causing me to cough or choke."

"Swallowing certain foods, especially those that are dry or sticky, can be challenging and sometimes painful for me."

These represent only a fraction of the difficulties our patients deal with. 

If you're experiencing voice, airway, or swallowing problems, please take a moment to fill out our Voice Quality Questionnaire. 

Our team of Speech Pathologists will be in touch to provide support tailored to your needs.


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Discover the untapped potential of your voice with our FREE Voice Quality Questionnaire!


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A great tool for individuals as well that are facing voice challenges, our comprehensive assessment tool empowers you to understand your condition fully and collaborate effectively with your speech and language pathologist for optimal treatment.

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