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What you can expect inside The Voice Rehab Virtual Clinic

Melissa Grassia-Chisholm, MS, CCC-SLP

— the leading Voice Therapist recommended by professionals.

The Voice Rehab Virtual Clinic 


Step into a supportive community where individuals facing voice challenges and Speech-Language Pathologists specializing in Voice Therapy come together to foster mutual support and growth on their journey towards vocal health.

Get exclusive access to:

  • 3+ Hours of Voice Therapy Tutorial Videos
  • 200+ Pages of Downloadable Handouts
  • FREE Weekly Live Coaching
  • FREE Live Coaching in Spanish

BONUS!! Content for Speech Pathologists and Professional Development Hours Certificate


Are you a speech-language pathologist seeking further training in vocal health management?
This Is Ideal for SLP's Who...
  • Seek to enhance their clinical skills in voice therapy, helping patients regain vocal health
  • Wish to specialize in techniques for training singers and performers to reach optimal vocal performance
  • Aim to support professional speakers in achieving excellent speech clarity and effectiveness
  • Are committed to continuous professional development in the pursuit of excellence in client care
  • Or generally aspire to communicate more effectively, with clarity and confidence, in their own practice.

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Is your voice crucial to your daily life?

This Is For You If...
  • You are striving to regain control of your vocal health
  • You are looking to enhance your vocal performance
  • You are a professional speaker
  • Or simply someone who wants to communicate with clarity and confidence 

Take Control of Your Vocal Health!

Whether you're leading meetings, speaking publicly, or performing, your voice is your key tool. Join us to strengthen and maintain your vocal health, ensuring your voice continues to make an impact.

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